"Sanskar" is a centre of educational excellence that strongly believes in the culture of excellence, breaking the path of traditional learning. Sanskar provides a highly motivated learning environment and inclucate proactive approach.

After fentering Sanskar the student is analyzed on personality traits like attutude, skills, ideologies & mindsets. This is achieved through workshops, brain teasing exercises, counseling and other scientifically designed tools. Realizing the need of an excellent educational Institution "SANSKAR" was founded in the year 1988 by some enthusiastic youngesters who shouldered the responsibility of opening a public school in Sant Hirdaram Nagar. With the kind blessing of His Holiness Sant Hirdaram Sahib and co-operation of kind philan thropists the school has achieved a symbol of status.

Our Belief

"We seek your kind cooperation in achieving our aims."

We believe that education must engage with and enlarge experience for the overall growth of the individual. The school encourages this by integrating sports, hobby activities, special day celebrations, community service, eco-friendly initiatives and excursions within the curriculum and adopts a holistic and down - to - earth approach.

The knowledge and manifestations of a future dominated by technology and globalization have engulfed every sphere in life today and our students are being groomed to operate efficiently across the world in a multi-cultural environment. Alongside, education we place renewed emphasis on the moral and cultural dimensions within the wealth of Indian traditions and values. We want to see our efforts culminate into an upbringing which every parent dreams of for his child.

Most Dedicated & Talented Team

We pride ourselver in having most talented and dedicated teaching staff. Not only they are academically and professionally the best, but also maintain high standards of moral and ethical values to be the true role model for your child.