We believe that the environment is the third teacher. Each grade is conceived & planned around the idea of a 'school within a school' creating learning communities having multiple learning studios & inter connectable learning suites with many of them extending out into larger learning commons. All of these learning communities are designed keeping in the mind the respective age groups, their interests and needs of the learners. Low - slung couches, colourful beanbags & other soft furnishings in a flexible & agile environments are all aimed at providing a safe, stimulating and child friendly ambience that encourages independence, collaboration, responsibility, creativity, critical thinking while retaining the fun element in learning.


Red & Camel colour, shirt with half sleeves and camel colour shorts. Black shoes with laces and camel colour socks with red stripes; Black school belt and badge with school monogram. Red turban for sikh boys.

House System

House system occupies a prominent position in the field of co-curricular activities which are organized in a healthy competitive spirit. These activities carry out assembly in a very systematic and regular manner. It helps the students to learn the great ideals of self discipline,loyality democratic leadership and above all belongingness to the institution. Our institution has three houses:

  • Vivekanand House
  • Laxmi Bai House
  • Rabindra Nath Tagore House

Co-curricular Activities

we actively encourage lateral thinking and activity through a host of co-curricular activities for our students. The hobbies we cultivate as children enrich our lives as adults. Thus the students are exposed to a variety of activities like music, drama, dance, fine arts,and more.