Members Of Dedicated Managing Committee

We believe in the inter relatedness of self and environment and our role in building a more peaceful and happy world. Through activities designed to sensitize the students towards their responsibility towards themselves, their inner and external environment, the society and the planet, our students are learning to be model citizens and thought leaders of tomorrow.

School Committee Members:

Mr. Sushil Vaswani (President)
Mr. Basant Chelani (Secretary)
Mr. Chander Nagdev (Treasurer)
Mr. Suresh Rajpal (Vice-President)
Mr. Naresh Vaswani (Jt. Secretary)
Mr. Purshottam Tilwani (Auditor)
Mr. N. D. Lalwani (Executive Member)
Mr. K.T. Dadlani (Executive Member)
Mr. K.S. Chandnani (Executive Member)
Mr. Nanak Parwani (Committee Member)
Mr. R. Jhamtani (Committee Member)
Mr. G. Sehjwani (Committee Member)